tumblr post with a few examples of rules specific to AAVE. What kingdom lets their two sole heirs vanish into the wilderness? Avoid visiting other users blogs, even ones that have been safe in the past until this virus dies down. In traditional Japanese poetry it is a season word for spring. Do people like Anna and Elsa with royal blood simply hold ALL the power in their kingdom? But knowing the actual meanings of these words and when to use them is a step in the right direction to avoid the words getting misconstrued. Some commonly used aave words/phrases that contribute to the appropriation of Black culture in the U.S. :D. Definition : also called Black English, is spoken by most African Americans and Black Canadians. A lot of these words are also used heavily in non-Black queer and trans communities. The trolls assume in the beginning of the movie that Elsas powers will instill fear in people, and thats why they must remain hidden. Dont talk about you throwing shade, Becky. Whens the last time you said deadass this party is lit? Chances are, it was trying to sound cool and tough. It's a combination of dialects across the country that many Black communities use to communicate with each other. However, that doesnt make it any clearer what AAVE is so what actually is AAVE? Are you using the language to level up or earn yourself street cred, ___ game on point, on point, on fleek, fleek, 100, keepin it 100, one hunnit, one hunned, emoji (depending on the intended meaning), etc., 10s, Aint (depends on the context and the persona trying to be portrayed are you imitating a Black woman/person? as always, if there are any concerns, . They have every right to joke about their oppressors. Well never know, because secondary characters are mannequins in this movie. especially given how much of it is used now, #but others? We discuss crypto lending and providing details about the very best platforms operating today, as well as things to avoid when taking crypto loans. 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", - usually, each word is annunciated (to get the point across), on god, or [insert highly respected figure] : used when promising on something near, and dear to someone, - self explanatory but its use is similar to "on my mama", on point/fleek : to describe the look of something nice, - usually used to describe someone's character, - "my brother is on that annoying ish he does", on the regular : term for on a daily basis, - when someone does something out of the ordinary, out of place, and/or odd, packing : (imma keep this as pg as possible, so im gonna sound like i got a phd rq), - in reference to the size of a male's genitalia, period : to express approval, to end a sentence, and/or to emphasize an idea, - variations: purr, [emailprotected], periodt, - the dropping of the "g" is explained in aave terminology links, popping off : means to go crazy, or to describe someone or something doing well, - to describe a female figure as beautiful and other synonyms. it's not weird to not want to share your blog url with people you just met??right??? UNSUPERVISED? Also, why does Anna have NO friends? Here is a look behind the origin, and why white people shouldnt use these terms anymore. read : to roast, or be roasted, by someone, - when you read someone, you point out their flaws, real : to express the difficulty of something; to express transparency in something, -"to be real," is similar to saying, "in all seriousness", respect : to express someone's respects, usually verbally expressed, - usually used in modes of transportation: car, walking, rolly : noun for rolex; any resemblance of a rolex watch, run(nning) hands/fade : to incite a fight, - used in arguments of those who are deemed ascorrect, - other variations: skoo (just drop the letter before m), serve : to describe the looks given by people, think of modeling, shade : to have, or express negative remarks of someone/something, - other variants: shawtee, shauty, shautee, other phonetic spellings, shoe game : to describe someone's shoe style, usually in a positive way, - there are other variations with other items of clothing, or to describe someone's skill with [noun/verb] game, shook : to be surprised, literally shaken up by something, shoot[as]ers: a name for someone who has your back, shoot your shot : to ask out someone in your interest, sickening : to express someone's amazement, side-eye: the state of being suspicious, shady, skeptical, simp : the state of being overly desperate, sis : short for "sister," used to address someone, slay : to look good, and/or perfect something, again, think of modeling, s[ch]lumped: the state of being very tired, and to describe someone as they're asleep, [the] smoke : to refer to someone to fight, or beat up, - reference to someone's skill in fighting, - "don't mess w me, or you'll get the smoke", - usually used to describe the looks of someone, being neat n tidy, spittin : when someone is speaking fast, skillfully rapping, or speaking facts, stay woke : a phrase that can serve as a reminder to stay open-minded, and/or alert, steady: the state of consistency, being at the same pace or state of being, straight up : similar to the definition of real; tell the truth, -replace this word with "literally," and that's pretty much how it's used lol, "so u grown now? On Windows and other computers it is more dangerous as the ransom ware can effect your computer outside of just the browser. 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You can get the definition (s) of a word in the list below by tapping the question-mark icon next to it. Why the hell did Anna have so much free time? We can perform traditionally Black expressions, without having to face the societal and institutional oppression Black people often experience because of them.. Salty, lit, turnt, bae, woke all these and many more phrases can be traced back to AAVE words. Just like with other forms of cultural appropriation in mainstream media, if you criticize a Black person for using AAVE but encourage or even find humor in it when a non-Black person talks in AAVE, thats when it becomes an issue. According to Urban Dictionary, the language is "recently related to the Appalachian English dialect and Cajun Vernacular English, it also contains West African grammatical structures and pronunciations originating from black African slaves in the American South. Like, even more so than it already was. NFT All marketplaces for NFTs in one, easy to compare, list. You are not exempt - y'all gotta do better. If you cant tell if something is AAVE or Southern American English, then your best bet would be to -ask- black peers and make sure you specify that youre going specifically for a white southern accent and not AAVE. plus my blog can get kinda personal. They started out fairly sheltered in Resembool, because Trisha was quite Amestris-ised and they were raised that way and yeah they stood out a bit but they didnt face the racism they found in Central and elsewhere because everyone knew them. Twerk/Nae Nae: Dances that originated with Black culture. Seriously, that shit is cray. Lets further perpetuate the stereotype that black people are uneducated and aggressive, why dont we. ": question that prompts the answer, "period", - used to further solidify statement and agreement, asf : term for "as fvck;" used for emphasis, as u should: phrase used in encouragement and show of approval, - to show that u agree w one's actions and/or achievements, ate : to describe ones flawless performance, - usually used to express ones amazement, - ariana ate her my hair vevo performance, (they) ate and left no crumbs: a phrase to describe someone when they serve in something, as in singing, fashion, makeup, and/or other performances, - the "no crumbs" part is to exemplify how well the person presented themselves, - could also be the literal definition of someone eating something and leaving no crumbs, - "ariana ate her grammy's performance and no left crumbs", "back on my bs" : when someone returns to their previous behavior, - used to refer to someone going back to being sad, ignorant, or any other emotions/actions, bae : acronym for before anyone else; also a nickname for babe, bank : making copious amounts of money, similar to being rich, "[the] bar is on the floor" : in reference to an expectation that is considered low, basic : a noun to describe someone/something as mainstream, - "if u own a pair of uggs, you're basic", beef : to have a conflict or disagreement, been : a term used to describe duration of knowledge; like already knowing of something, - considered as aave if been is used without have or used after a pronoun, beat : a description of being glammed up, commonly with makeup, - used to solidify a bet, in challenge to compete with someone, - "i'll beat u in this 1v1." If you click on one of these blogs you are at a high risk of being redirected to a page claiming to be the FBI (or other police agencies specific to your country) explaining to you that your computer has been detained for one of the following reasons: The ransom ware website explains that the only way to escape these charges is by paying a specific sum of money (from 100-500 dollars) through moneypak. Instead he just gets a punch to the face and gets. There are lots of other words in the English language to choose from and as a plus, you'd be expanding your vocabulary. Why is magic considered frightening/bad? no.im not going to give that out right now. teehee, a starting place <3spaceborrow a book!spacewikispacephonologyspacejive talkspacejive dictionaryspaceaave slidesharespaceoverview of aavespacepdf about aavespacecreole origins of aavespacecan non-black ppl use aavespaceappropriation of black culturespaceaave is not "internet slang"spaceusing aave as a non-black personspaceultimate source: listen to black people.space, here is the alphabetical list of aave words ! (Your dad is gone and your mom is dead? This list was intended to educate people on the words they consider gen z or stan language and where they actually come from. During the State Alchemist trials theyre just humoring him and not planning on letting him in until he blows them away the way he does and then Bradley is like OVERRULED becausehe knows. Privacy Policy. Anyway so Scar gets a redemption arc earlier in the story and Ed ends up wearing the clothes in the pictures instead of the Amestrian clothes he had been wearing and getting sorta-adopted by Scar. If you hover over the blogs name and recent post are these or similar it is probably a virus blog. But once Kai Cenat saw the list, which was published by The Tab two years ago, he immediately found its limitations on others speech to be overbearing. No. This is because, according to the author of the page, by using these words means more than to simply imitate expressions. Because. Wait, she just repeated what he said, right? Building on these awesome explanations, (because Ive seen this movie eight billion times and lordy I need to vent): I dunno, I probably have more in me, but thats all I can note so far. Grammatically, the language has some rules. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. this carrd will serve as a master glossary for almost all aave words n phrases (made by a black person) ! My god. You may be able to speak like this for fun or for clout, but we are forced to code-switch based on who were talking to or the environment were in as AAVE is commonly regarded as inappropriate, unprofessional, andbroken english. Like a Chinese POC shouldnt speak for a black POC. Another piece by Tylah Silva explains, White people arent banned from using AAVE either, but knowing the cultural significance is very important in the process of not erasing it. For example, there is an optional tense system that is different from the standard English past tense (i.e., the -ed at the end of a verb). Reblogs/links ok.)hatenu yumekimi ga ite yo mo hananishiku mono zo nakikimi ga kieta kisetsu ga mataotozureru tabi ni aa setsuna ga mune wo kogasu, Unending dreamWith you the world is glorious, there is nothing that comparesEach time the season when you disappeared comes aroundAh, the moment burns my heartyami ni mau hanabira hitotsuhoho wo kasume hodokete kietanaze ni sore hodo chiri isogukokoro ukishi hana mo chiyu, A single petal fluttering through the darknessgrazed my cheek then flew away and vanishedWhy are you in such a hurry to fall?My heart in disarray, even flowers fallhana kaorukimi narade dare ni ka misemu teru tsuki zokawari hateta kono sugatayami ni obore moha modorezukimi wo koishitau, The flowers are fragrantIf not you, then to whom shall I show the shining moon?1It has changed completely, this body of mineNow that I have drowned in darkness, there is no returnI long for youkoe wa todokanu namida hitotsukokoro kuzure obieru boku waashibi ni tobikomu chou no gotokumono kuruoshiku omou dake, My voice does not reach, a single tearMy heart breaks, I am afraidLike a butterfly that flies into the andromeda2My thoughts are wild and madyureru tsuki ga hororoyami ga kimi wo kakushita, The wavering moon crumbled awayand the darkness hid youhatenu kono omoi wa fukakuyorokobu kimi ni tada aitakute, This feeling is deep and endlessI just want to see you full of joykoe wa todokanu namida hitotsukokoro kuzure obieru boku waashibi ni tobikomu chou no gotokumono kuruoshiku omou dakekokoro ukishi hana mo chiyu, My voice does not reach, a single tearMy heart breaks, I am afraidLike a butterfly that flies into the andromedaMy thoughts are wild and madMy heart in disarray, even flowers fall. Is there really no criminal punishment for Hans attempting to assassinate the royal family and usurp the throne? Get the HELL over yourselves, guys. While some features of AAVE are apparently unique to this variety, in its structure it also shows many commonalties with . UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU FOLLOW OR ATTEMPT TO VISIT THEIR BLOG. looking back she looked a little hurt and I probably should have declined in a gentler manner but she caught me by surprise. Im making this post to try and inform other nonblack people not to be disrespectful and stay away from words and a dialect that is -not- ours. Riley, who plays Daisy Jones, is Elvis Presleys granddaughter! ikyfl.." (totally not from personal experience), "it's giving": statement prompted when there's a resemblance, - "the hair. it's giving me bird's nest" (idk what this example is, pls bare w me), - "imma eat good tonight"[to have] inches : reference to long hair, "it's over" : to refer to something as "game over", - this is used in a sense that if someone one's up another person, there's no chance of redemption, - used in various circumstances such as gaming, fashion, entertainment, and sports, - "their outfit on the red carpet? Cenat and xQc werent the only ones that believed Valkyrae had no reason to apologize. Please consult your doctor before taking any action. note :please have prior knowledge of what AAVE is and its origins. So they start learning during their journey and then after that they live with the Ishvalans a bit learning their mothers culture more fully. For more information, please see our The Earl of Wesseltown doesnt get much of a punishment for attempted Regicide either, aside from a Nyeh, we wont trade with you anymore slap of the wrist. You cant say chill, bae? he said. http://malwaretips.com/blogs/fbi-moneypak-virus/, http://botcrawl.com/how-to-remove-the-fbi-moneypak-ransomware-virus-fake-fbi-malware-removal/, movies for the nights you cant sleep masterpost, version of romeo and juliet that sounds hella rad, alternatives to leaving dogs at the pound, book about aliens invading earth and being fought off by wildlife, icanttellyoubutiknowitsmine 2014 masterpost, fierce (you know exactly what im talking about. ***the doc included also goes into other harmful language including a list language some of which is seen as normal!!! Heres where you recognise the cast of Daisy Jones & The Six from, An awkward spelling error has been spotted on one of the signs in the Love Island villa, The definitive ranking of all Mario Kart characters, based on nothing but vibes. Maybe Amestris had Ishvalan Boarding Schools happening. Ok. tl;dr hey its me White here to tell you what is and what is not racist!. Taking small AAVE terms and phrases out of your vocabulary is a start but it is not the solution." If you're looking for an even more detailed list of words and phrases you're not allowed to. Why is no one alarmed that Elsa can create sentient life from sheer force of will? SO on that note; here are specific words/phrases all nonblack people should avoid using because they are AAVE and originated and belong to black communities. If youre looking for an even more detailed list of words and phrases youre not allowed to use anymore including bruh, aint and clapping emojis between words , click here. past participle of strong verb denotes past tense: (Where most of the words and came from, this has definitions and alternatives! Racism is so deeply ingrained in our society that we are taught to believe that AAVE is inferior to Standard American English. Almost like thats how we view and stigmatize black people! Taking small AAVE terms and phrases out of your vocabulary is a start but it is not the solution.. Because now that you know, you need to stop. The differences between Southern english and AAVE -are- admittedly harder to notice than, say, the difference between a Boston accent and AAVE due to how entwined they are. Was anyone teaching Elsa how to be an effective ruler? ": question that serves as a reality check, -usually used with children who suddenly act their age, swag : the state or description of being cool, "that shxt don't make no damn sense": a reaction to something that literally doesn't makes no sense, - the grammar is supposed to be pretentious, "that's tuff" : used to respond to =someone's inconvenience, - "oh, you missed the soccer goal. ", "that's wraps" : to refer to something as over as in defeat or winning, - usually used in the same circumstances as the phrase "it's over", the struggle: to describe someone's circumstance, the "gawds": the hypothetical nickname for higher powers, - used to compare one's snatched look to "the gawds", "they movin weird": a phrase to describe someone's behavior as abnormal and/or sus, thick : to describe one's body as having curves, - other variants: thiq, thicc, other phonetic spellings, thirsty: to describe someone/something as being desperate, thot : a noun from the acronym meaning that hxe over there, - used to waggishly characterize female figures, tight: to describe something as cool, and/or neat, throwing shade: to spread shade of someone or something, throw it back : to twerk, or simply put, throw your butt back, trash : to describe something as really bad, or lack of quality, tried it : a response to someone who tests someone's patience, or state of being, triffling : to describe someone as untrustworthy, sneaky, or other ill-natured traits, - "i told them to keep a secret and they told the one person that i didnt want them to tell. Im a very blunt person and Im working on that. :D - sj, shout out !along with myself @sagittarisoul by creating and editing this carrd, i have met and chatted with lovely, helpful, brilliant ppl who have given additions and suggestions with this carrd !to those dearly appreciated and cherished ppl, i'd like to thank: space- twitter user @Cranque2 - twitter user @hotscotchbutter - twitter user @deezmalders - twitter user @sowhatbyloona - twitter user @bwuniess - twitter user @keithxxx16 - twitter user @kuniroselover - twitter user @ImLegitStunning - twitter user @injwects space*+- thank uuu -+*, hello !! That being said; now you should know, and you should actively work towards fixing your behavior just as you work to unlearn racism. And hes just what the fuck why is there an Ishvalan kid here? You can even catch this virus off of friends blogs thats html has been infected. and B) it would be expected for me to follow you back, and I seriously doubt im interested in anything you blog about, and I really have been trying to clean up my dash. It has a rhythm that differs significantly from that of other Englishes, and people tend to use the rhythm as a punchline or to seem more street savvy. Eventually of course Al goes East and Ed returns to Resembool permanently, but they still visit often. This led to the formation of a Creole language with an English superstrate but strong pan-African grammatical influences meaning lots and lots of English words, but still a distinct language from English.". Why Should Non-Black People Avoid Using AAVE? Is it being commercialized for financial gain? AAVE, or African-American Vernacular English, is the origin point of too many slang terms to name. If you find that your windows computer has been infected visit these webpages on a different device (or check the page now and write down the instructions just in case). It stands for African American Vernacular English. You dont get to use the words of the people you oppress to look cool. This is an excellent post for WRITING black characters who use AAVE. The Creole Origin Hypothesis came from the contact between English speakers and speakers of other languages. nrs 428 gcu, john gibbons' daughter,